I am in love with Creative Memories Storybook Creator Plus!

I accidentally went to a Creative Memories party to support a girlfriend who felt obligated to go….. I didn’t mind going and was looking forward to seeing what was new in the scrap booking world.  I could not believe my eyes………. Creative Memories went DIGITAL!! They introduced a new program called Storybook Creator Plus and it is just awesome!! It blows away every program you can get on the web! Snapfish & Heritage Maker’s move over! Creative Memories has taken over! I loved the Software program so much that it inspired me to write this blog! I feel I need to share it with everyone!

Here is the skinny:
Storybook Creator Plus is a software program you purchase from Creative Memories. It is so easy and simple to create great quality, hardbound, handstiched photo books which you design yourself! The cost is nothing at 59.99 plus tax and shipping. The software is updated online by the company which means you will never have to purchase an updated version at a later date!!  If you love the look of a traditional scrapbook, but don’t have the time to be creative, cut, crop, trim, paste………… you will love Storybook Creator Plus. These Storybooks are awesome and can look just like scrapbook pages! You customize your book: Choose a color theme….. choose your colors of paper, your fonts and embellishments, they even have digital BRADS… Can you stand it??? You fill your book with photos and memorabilia, personalize the front, back and spine and you are on your way! After you have finished the Storybook, you upload it to THE CM PHOTOCENTER, (which is super easy) you pay for it, the CM PHOTOCENTER prints it and it is delivered to your door in 5 BUSINESS DAYS! That is the best part! I couldn’t believe you could get something made with such great quality in such a short amount of time! 

I am SO addicted to the software and have created several Storybooks to celebrate my engagement photos, our wedding, Grandparents 60th wedding anniversary, a Christening and one about our new dog!! I can’t seem to stop! It is so easy and fun, I can stay up for hours creating books.  Everyone who looks at the book thinks it is the best thing since sliced bread!! It is such a great keepsake and a memory to treasure a lifetime. Go to my website to check out the free demo of Storybook Creator Plus, or SBC+. It doesn’t let you do as much with the free version, but you can get the idea. www.mycmsite.com/maricorso  As you can see, I loved it so much I became a Creative Memories Consultant. Now I can help others celebrate their memories too!




  1. Carolyn Guthrie said,

    November 20, 2008 at 9:55 pm

    I have just bought SBC+ software myself, and am loving it. I was just wondering if you know how to download more fonts onto it?

  2. November 22, 2008 at 12:55 am

    Hi Carolyn:
    You can go to http://www.free-fonts.com and download till your heart is content!!
    Check out the Disney font!
    Have fun!

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